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A Sampling of Our Healthcare Work


Medical Device

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New application for novel drug-device combo technology required explanation for physicians, investors, board members, clinical sites, and others – developed by delicately balancing R&D, Biology, Regulatory, and Clinical. Explainer video, web page, and supporting collateral developed & deployed met with speedy understanding and record clinical site onboarding.

Novel Heart Device used to help reduce stroke risk during TAVR ( aortic valve replacement); insterted prior to procedure and removed after. Collateral was needed to explain, in simple terms, how the device worked and the benefit it provided. Moreover, physicians, clinical sites & patients needed to be incentivized to say ‘yes.’ This brochure was created and designed to appeal to all audiences- becoming the single most successful marketing tool for the company.


Women’s intimate health expanded rapidly with the application of RF and Ultrasound devices deployed for vaginal tightening. Viveve was predicated on RF but focused it studies around urinary incontinence which could be proven with clinical data. White papers by physicians and other submissions needed to broach this delicate (somewhat taboo but universal) subject in a way that included the audience vs repelled them. LOCC helped craft the language to this end.




GSKs allergy offering was an Rx nasal spray which perpetually ran second to the pills yet offered better allergy relief. Starting just after the official “First Day of Spring” our uphill battle was made harder by the fact that all the pills were on air advertising. We needed to break through and capture attention. We developed a list of the Top 25 Worst Spring Allergy Cities which became a viral sensation garnering earned media, ‘going viral’ and ultimately driving a 7% increase in TRx.


The FP molecule powered Flonase’s success and it was reformulated into an asthma medication. The goal of this new launch was to differentiate these two products to different audiences (allergy vs asthma sufferer) and illustrate why the brand was superior to others currently available. The launch campaign propelled Advair to the top-seller status in the category.


Over the Counter

What do you do when you are the juggernaut? You are the market leader. You are the brand every other brand in the category has in its crosshairs. You LEAD. Lead with innovation, product development, delivery, marketing and trade relations. No brand, no matter how big, can afford to rest on its laurels.

The maker of insoles largely appealed to men and the message premise was ‘foot pain.’. One way to broaden your market is to increase your offerings to a new audience. In this case, it was women. And the brand chose to enter that segment with foot care over ‘foot pain’ – hence Dr. Scholl’s Pedicure Essentials. The $750 million retail brand added $20 million in sales in one quarter using our launch methodology


Pregnancy generally falls into the ‘wanted or unwanted’ categories and either side of that debate can be fraught with politics, religion and personal bias. This was the first-ever DIGITAL pregnancy test – meaning in place of (often indecipherable) lines, it offered a clear written result. We focused the messaging about the emotion of finding out itself – apart from the why. By spotlighting that the moment of revelation itself is highly charged and having a clear, digital, easy-to-read result was a relief, we won both sides. Ending in an award for messaging.

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