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We are Change Catalysts.


Catalyst CMO

Establish, assume lead of marketing strategy and execution

Align with all functional heads

Brand and audience development

Serve as voice of marketing, messaging, internal & external communications 

Trade and public relations

Assign/manage vendors, partners

Build, groom team

Minimum 10-month engagement


Creative Catalyst

Discern, develop and apply language to your company narrative and messaging.  Create the magic that gets your emails and posts seen and clicked on.

  • Seminars, Retreats, Working  Sessions

  • Vision/Mission/

  • ERG Summits

  • Business brainstorms

Differentiated by follow up:

  • We reconnect with group at 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks to ascertain “what stuck” from the session – gauges team receptivity for executive suite.

  • Usually 4 weeks from preparation through execution and initial report with follow-up as indicated.


Context Catalyst

Separate but distinct efforts designed to offer context for internal & external audiences 

  • Messages/
    Message mapping

  • Audience Profile

  • Corporate Narrative Crafting

  • Brainstorm facilitation/

Defined SOW and deliverables.

Timing depends on management team availability and participation with follow-up as indicated


Catalyst Corner

Two dedicated hours per week

Zoom, phone, in office where feasible

Open for access by team


  • Creativity injection

  • Brainstorm solutions

  • Offer perspective on situation

  • Help craft communications

  • Idea generation

  • Thought Partner


Offered on a “use it or lose it” basis

Minimum 6-month commitment

Remember Chemistry Class? The role of a Catalyst?

A Catalyst ignites a change without itself being changed.

That’s LOCC.  We're change catalysts. 

Working with a new client starts with a lot of questions.

Prospects often say “what we're looking for is…”

Our questions seek to uncover if the desire will meet the business need...the one that they think they have at the time. 

Re-Branding a 70-year-old Institution

The Winter Antiques Show approached LOCC to modernize its brand.
Its audience was literally dying off and the next generation saw little value in “grandma’s old brown stuff.”

A refreshed brand added relevance and instead of focusing of the old, our approach was to showcase how the customer modernizes the antique.  Take a look…


What’s that saying? “With age comes wisdom”

The truth is you can gain wisdom 2 ways:


  • Learning from your own mistakes 

  • Learning from others’ mistakes (the one my mother always recommended)

Either way, it takes time. Wisdom is not born overnight.  

After more than 30 years in the workforce, I’ve seen and learned a great deal. One might say “wise” – I prefer to say “tenured.”

Partner with Us. Find Out How.  
Email: or call +1 201-328-6897

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