LOCC is not a who but a what.

That ‘what’ takes brands from where they are now...to somewhere better.  

That’s it. Whatever it takes.

There isn’t a marketing or communications technique we don’t or won’t use for the journey. So no lists, because everyone always says the same thing.

We create your own magic algorithm.

Why be like all the other peas in the pod when you can be the pearl?



We’re picky about our clients, because life’s too short.

Large or small – we serve them all. In fact, we prefer partners over ‘clients’ because we are in this together!

If plaudits from Elizabeth Taylor, Smirnoff, Volvo, Estee Lauder, Macy’s and Dr Scholl’s don’t persuade, we don’t know what to tell you. 


THIS is the important bit. 
Seems like
- unanswered emails
- no feedback on your feedback
- late projects
- feeble ideas
- low-energy delivery
are the ‘new normal’. 
Maybe we’re just wired differently, but that kind of stuff really grinds our gears.
And it should grind yours too. 

It’s your money.
Make sure you’re getting more for it than ‘normal’.

We deliver grand creative and complex campaigns
and we pick up the damned phone when it rings.  



This is the fun bit. 
Do you only act for big brands? 
No. We love taking on obscure brands or new entrants to the US market. Great opportunities make for great creativity, we find. 
Do you have a big core team?

No. We prefer ‘best of breed’ to ‘sunk cost’, so we work with a constellation of hand-picked, trusted consultants around the world to deliver the best.


Why should you pay to keep our people busy? That’s our job. 

Constellation, you say?

Yeah. They’re all stars. 

Do you have experience of all the elements of branding?

Yes. Superlative events. Crisp copy. Stunning visuals. Whatever it takes. 

Do you do events? 

See above. Whatever it takes. But, yeah, we’re really good at events – we love showing (you) off. 

Movies? Animation? A blimp? 

What. Ever. It. Takes. Next question. 

Do you just do products? What about services? 

Good question.

We do Your Brand to Your Consumer/Client. So yes, services.

Products just make for better pictures, and more relatable stories, but we enjoy the complexity of service marketing. 


LOCC’s difference in one line. 

Ideas less tried but no less true. 


OK, TWO words…

Vodka Czars. 


OK, ONE word. 



You’re kidding, right?

Nope. Boxy to Sexy. It’s a thing. Now it’s a thing. Wasn’t before. See above. 



OK, gimme some case studies. I’m busy, so five bullets.

after innovative launch (Vodka Czars take on market-leading behemoth, putting Smirnoff Black on the map)




Our founder (that’s me, pictured), Joseph Panetta, founded LOCC in 2009 after work with various top New York agencies and three years as Head of Marketing Communications for the UK and Ireland at The Swatch Group. Now I live in Los Angeles and coordinate associates in the US and around the world. 

I’m not saying I’m the only guy from Mississippi who’s fluent in Swedish, but I am those two things.

I guess Left Of Center is just in my blood. 




We can't wait to hear from you

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2656 Creston Dr.
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